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Counseling for Women's Health & Wellness

Mind Health Counseling and Consultation, LLC

Accepting New Clients 614-535-8696


As a therapist, I strive for vulnerability and authenticity in the counseling relationship as this facilitates change. Using a heart-centered approach in conjunction with researched therapeutic methods is essential to the work along with an individualized plan for every client. I consider this work my calling and truly enjoy working with women at every stage.

Focus Areas:

-Reproductive Psychology (infertility,  pregnancy loss/grief, family planning, pregnancy, postpartum mood and anxiety  disorders, birth trauma/NICU)

-Depression and Anxiety



-Career Counseling



-Adult ADHD                                                                                                                                                           Other areas include: Grief , Trauma,  premarital counseling sessions, burnout, and moms at every stage!

Seeking help is a sign of strength. My hope is that therapy provides insight and skills to help improve your life. You are the expert on your life but we will work together towards your vision for a happier, healthier life.




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The initial intake is 60 minutes long. During this meeting, I will collect information from you regarding your  background and presenting issues. After this initial meeting, we will meet for individual therapy sessions. Individual therapy sessions are 55 minutes long.  I am accepting new clients with daytime availability. 

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Reproductive Psychology

Becoming a parent through pregnancy and childbirth is a big transition both psychologically and physically for both partners. Postpartum depression and anxiety are common and can be present in both partners. These symptoms can begin during pregnancy. I offer an array of services addressing reproductive psychology which include:

1. Therapy with a focus on the fertility journey, high risk pregnancy, NICU birth, pregnancy loss or receiving a medical diagnosis for child

2. Birth and Postpartum Planning 

3. Writing your Birth Story

If interested, please contact me directly to create a customized plan collaboratively that meets your specific needs.

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                                                            South Asian/Healthcare Providers                                                              The South Asian/Desi dynamic and culture is important to address in therapy when working with the South Asian population. Healthcare professionals face unique challenges. There is a reason you sought out the healthcare profession. Maybe you are a natural healer or you followed in the footsteps of other family members in the medical or helping fields. I understand these nuances both professionally and personally and truly enjoy my work with both healthcare providers and South Asians.

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