60 minute session


CURRENTLY TELEHEALTH APPOINTMENT ONLY. We will discuss your presenting concerns and issues. I will collect your background information and we will discuss goals and treatment plans. We will review practice policies and confidentiality. 


     50-55 minutes


CURRENTLY TELEHEALTH APPOINTMENT ONLY-. Therapy sessions can vary based on what we discuss. I utilize Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques along with Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) for maternal mental health/perinatal mood disorders.   For other clients, I tend to utilize Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy along with Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.  I utilize exercises such as journaling, bibliotherapy, and  thought logs. 


Premarital Counseling/Couples Counseling

60-90 minutes

Premarital counseling is a type of therapy which helps couples prepare for marriage. It is recommended for any couple, even if there are no significant problems within the relationship. Some studies indicate increased marital satisfaction and decreased chances of divorce for those who engage in premarital counseling.  This is another cost on top of wedding expenses but the cost of divorce is very high. It is a worthwhile investment in your marriage and future. I am a SYMBIS certified facilitator. 



Pre-Pay 8 Sessions:  $480 ($60 per hour)

Pre-Pay 6 Sessions:  $420 ($70 per hour)

Pre-Pay 4 Sessions:  $320 ($80 per hour)

Pay Per Session (beyond the package):  $85 per hour

SYMBIS Assessment is FREE, which is a $35 value.       


You will get the most out of the material if you choose the (6) Session Package or the (8) Session Package.


SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts)


Not all SYMBIS Facilitators are Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs).  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC); therefore, if there are specific areas that need further exploration, I have the skills to facilitate that beyond the general package. I typically like to do two sessions (i.e. two hours) in one meeting.  For example, if you choose to pre-pay for 6 sessions, we would only need to meet three times for two hours each time. 

COUPLES COUNSELING SESSIONS (not premarital)--$145 per 90 minutes (Intake session). Counseling sessions for couples after the initial intake session are $100 dollars for 55 minute sessions. Breakout sessions (individual) for couples are 30 minutes at $50 dollars. 

Group Education

​I offer speaking engagements and educational presentations for groups and organizations, including various topics related to parenthood and reproductive health. If you're interested in organizing a group education event, please contact me to discuss services and fees.

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